Building on the legacy of the first CHIMEHACK in 2013 and CHIMEHACK 2 in 2015, CHIME FOR CHANGE, Global Citizen, and Facebook are hosting CHIMEHACK 3, with support from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Chegg, Hearst, Gucci and Enjoy. The two-day hackathon at Facebook’s headquarters will bring together hackers along with issue experts and non-profit leaders to create tech-driven solutions focused on gender equality.

Winners will receive cash and in-kind prizes from our sponsors - Gucci, Facebook, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Chegg, Hearst and Enjoy. 

Note that this is a closed event, by application only.


You must register your team and submit your initial pitch on this page by Saturday, August 27 at 2pm. 

The pitch template is available here. To create your pitch, please make a copy (file -> make a copy) of this template, fill in your information, and send us a link to your proposal and make sure that anyone with the link can comment on the deck ("share" button), set sharing to "Anyone with link can comment"), so that our mentors can help comment on your deck.

The final product submissions will be judged in a fair format with judges moving from table to table (you can show the judges on your computer or phone) on Sunday, August 28, 2016.  Each team should prepare a two minute pitch describing their concept and demonstrating the product.  Expect to give the pitch multiple times as teams of judges come through to see your work. Winning teams must make their products available for viewing online.  *****

Please submit via the submission button on this site

CHIMEHACK 3 will focus designing a technological solution that will address the barriers to reporting gender-based violence and will increase reporting incidents of violence against girls and women. 

More Resources  

Facebook Group 

Please note that the challenges and interventions needed will be discussed during the kick-off event on August 27 which will include a panel of issue-experts. Throughout the hack, teams will be provided with access to key leaders and nonprofit organizations working in the space to help craft their solutions. 


Note: schedule subject to change. 

Day One - Saturday, August 27

8:00am – Participants check-in, find teams, breakfast served

9:00am – Kick-off event with opening speakers

9:30am – Panel of issue experts

10:15am – Hackers find teams and begin hacking

12:30pm - Lunch served 

2:00pm - Team names and initial submissions due 

5:30pm - Dinner served 

8:00pm - Film screening: What Tomorrow Brings (Trailer)

9:30pm - Late night snacks 

Hackers hack through the night!

Note: Issue experts and mentors will be available all day to answer questions and provide guidance

Day Two - Sunday, August 28

8:00am – Breakfast served, ongoing solution development, team collaboration and hacking

12:00pm - Lunch served

12:30pm – Hacker final submissions due 

12:45pm - Judge arrival & briefing

1:00pm - Judging begins

3:00pm – Judging deliberation and happy hour for hackers 

4:00pm – Awards ceremony and closing speeches

5:00pm – Hackathon ends


Engineers, designers, product managers and marketing experts of all levels are invited to apply. Participants under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. 

Hackers must present their ticket from the CHIMEHACK team to gain entrance to the event. Due to overwhelming response, this event is not open to the public and is via application only.  You will not be permitted to enter this event unless you have a ticket. 

Minimum 1 member and a maximum of 5 members per team to be eligible for the prizes.

Teams must be present to pitch to our judges and receive their prize at the awards ceremony.



1. You must create your project including team name and initial concept by 2pm PT on Saturday, August 27

2. You are allowed to continue updating that submission until 12:30pm PT on Sunday, August 28

Hackathon Sponsors


$25,000 in prizes

Best Product / Incubation

Sponsored by Hearst, this includes a $5,000 cash prize and access to incubation at the Hearst San Francisco office space.

Young Innovator Award

Sponsored by Chegg, this $5,000 cash prize and round table lunch with 2-3 Chegg executives is available to students only and will identify the best solution created by college-age hackers.

Connection and Integration Award

Sponsored by Enjoy, this includes a $5,000 cash prize and lunch or coffee with Ron Johnson (CEO and Founder) and Tom Suiter (Creative Director and Co-founder).

Global Citizenship Award

Sponsored by Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, this includes a $5,000 cash prize and an interview (for each team member*) to be a KP Fellow with a KPCB portfolio company

*if eligible to apply

Unique Concept / Originality

Sponsored by Gucci, this is a $5,000 cash prize and up to 6 tickets to the 2016 Global Citizen Festival.
*travel and accommodations not included

Scalability / Global Impact

Sponsored by Facebook, this prize includes high-end in-kind gifts.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

Pre-register for CHIMEHACK3 through the following EventBrite link: 

Hackers must present their ticket from the CHIMEHACK team to gain entrance to the event. Due to overwhelming response, this event is not open to the public and is via application only.  You will not be permitted to enter this event unless you have a ticket. 


Justin Graham

Justin Graham
Hearst, Chief Innovation Officer of Health division

Susan Chokachi

Susan Chokachi
Gucci America, Gucci President and CEO

Yee Lee

Yee Lee
Facebook, Product Manager, Charitable Giving

Neda Nevab

Neda Nevab
Enjoy, Growth Strategies and Tactics

Rei Wang

Rei Wang
Dorm Room Fund, Director

Mike Abbott

Mike Abbott
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Partner

Yasmeen Hassan

Yasmeen Hassan
Equality Now, Global Executive Director

Vishu Gupta

Vishu Gupta
Facebook, Engineering Director, Social Good Team

Madge Thomas

Madge Thomas
Global Citizen, Global Policy and Advocacy Manager

Mrudula Bajjuri

Mrudula Bajjuri
Chegg, QA Manager

Alaina Percival

Alaina Percival
Women Who Code, CEO & Board Chair

Judging Criteria

  • Girls' and Women's Focus
    Does the project identify ways for disruptive technology to advance solutions for reporting and eliminating violence against women?
  • Best Product / Incubation
    Is it solving a clear problem? Is it clear who it's being built for/how they will use it? Does the solution address the problems at hand? Is it useful?
  • Young Innovator
    This prize is available to students only and will identify the best solution created by college-age hackers
  • Unique Concept / Originality
    Is it aesthetically appealing? Does the solution push creative boundaries? Is the product an innovative approach to unite users globally?
  • Scalability & Global Impact
    Does this idea have the potential to reach many people at a large scale, worldwide? Could it be used by different people in different regions of the world?
  • Connection/ Integration
    Is it an innovative take on guiding user action? Does the solution unite individuals and provide a personal connection to other people or resources?
  • Global Citizenship
    Does the solution empower individuals to make a difference for others? Does the solution mobilize grassroots support? Does it make individual users feel like a part of a larger movement to create change?

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